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Driveway Friendly Disposal Bins and Hook Lift Roll Off Dumpster Bin Rentals in Kamloops.

You don’t have to look any longer, because you have already found the only Kamloops disposal bin service and Kamloops disposal bin rental service that you will ever need. We will always offer you the most competitive prices, the most friendly customer service and the most efficient products and equipment in the Thompson Okanagan. Contact Quickie Bins today and see why everyone else is turning to us for all of their disposal needs.

Quickie Bins Residential Trailer Bins are perfect for every situation! No more dead patches on the lawn or lugging barrow load after barrow load of rubbish from the back of the house to the bin which has been plonked on your front lawn.


Lawn & Driveway friendly

Due to the fact that our bins are on trailers they never make contact with your lawn or driveway and in addition to that they can easily be relocated if the bin will be at your property for an extended period of time.

Family Owned and Operated

There is nothing you can rely on more than a family owned and operated business. When you deal with Quickie Bins you are dealing directly with the business owners and because of this you know that you will get the best customer service possible as your business matters to us.

Generous load times

Nothing is worse than getting rushed! If you require an extended load time never fear, just let us know upon booking your Quickie bin and we will make it happen. 

Loading service available by request

If for any reason you can not load your bin yourself, we can gladly organize to have your waste loaded. Inquire about our load service upon booking your Quickie bin.

Perfect for long driveways

Do you have a long or narrow driveway that regular skip bin trucks can't access? No worries! Quickie Bins are trailer bins so our trailers can squeeze into those spaces that regular trucks just can't fit in.

All bins have easy rear access

Every one of our bins have easy access via the rear of the trailer.

Many bin sizes suitable for all jobs

We have a wide range of Quickie Bins so we can provide you with the perfect bin size for your job.

Why not contact us today for a free quote

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